Hamilton Preparatory School is named after the Boer War hero Sir Ian Hamilton.

Named after Boer war hero, General Sir Ian Hamilton, Hamilton Preparatory School is an independent Christian school located in Ladysmith, KZN. As the youngest colonel in the British Army, he was admired for his generous nature and far-seeing wisdom and was twice nominated for the Victoria Cross. In his first battles, he showed passion and his military initiatives resulted in him managing to outlive the rest of his British compatriots. He was among the steadfast officers who refused to give up on Ladysmith despite the ordeal of the siege. He was a brilliant, wise, free-thinking individual, who had a deep regard and respect for humankind. He was recognised for both literary achievements and his revolutionary methods. Sir Winston Churchill referred to him as a “brilliant and chivalrous man who served his country well.”

The school has adopted the Hamilton family crest as the school badge and the girls’ uniforms sport the very attractive Hamilton family tartan.